Hi All,

I'm going to buy a Turnigy 9x TX for my future arducopter and noted that the battery is not included.

Any recomendations?

I don't know if this is appropriate:

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure if anyone has done it, but some rewiring would have to be done to use a LiPo with the Turnigy 9x. Normally, it uses 8x AA batteries.

I have a 9X and would not suggest that you use the battery you have linked. All the internals work on 5V so giving it the 12V is a total waste and would only be turned to heat. See: http://www.rcmodelreviews.com/tendollarbattery.shtml
I used all the instructions on the resistor part except that i'm using a normal 2cell from HK. It does require soldering and cutting off the plug on the old 8xAA battery holder but works really nice.... Using my TX for 1 to 2 months before it needs a recharge. If you need the inside dimensions of the battery bay to get the right battery i'll happily measure mine.

Kind regards
I'm using a HK Zippy 800mAh 2S Lipo - fits just fine.
You either need to make the change to the two resistors (RCModelreviews ref as before) or, better still, re-flash the software with the er9x code and just change the alarm point.
This is a great and cheap Tx but with loads of DIY mod options to be found on the web- changing the battery is just the first step.
Thanks @tonyH, @cronselaar and @Simon for the information and specially for the link to rcmodelreviews. Great stuff there!
but with the rhino 2650 mAh 3s may be given to electronic problems ..?
and then you could recommend a battery hobbyking 2s but there is more than 1500 mAh that is ..?
and can you tell me which connector should I buy to attach it to the tx connnettore there already?

Look at this form:



There is a whole discussion on battery options and mods.

I'm sorry but I've reported in the discussion that I found no data on the ninth amendment to the battery belonging to the trustfire nn but I want to climb .. compared to your experience I could recommend a battery that fits hobbyking from 2s? But with a little more of your mAh ..
I use a Sanyo 1650Mah NiMh battery. A bit expensive at $34 but works great. No mods required.

the Sanyo 1650Mah NiMh battery is too expensive

I wanted to install a normal attack toglieno 2s lipo and put a 2-pin to attach it to the radio .. after you change the firmware on the radio ..
 which one would be better de .. we are both as a measure .. can I put a lipo with a 2-pin connector on these??...

20-30 C is too high for Discharge????

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