I almost finished assembly my F450 with APM 2.6 and have 2 question before i go to the filed.

1. Should i made a first flight with GPS or without it? GPS have a compass onboard. It will be mounted on stand pole so if i crash/flip it will be destroyed... Maybe for first flight i should mount it without stand pole? It is possible to made a flight without compass in stabilize mode?

2. I use 3dr power module. Should i connect the batt to the power module and then after locking everything connect power module to the PDB? Or i have to connect everything at once?

Thanks for the any help.


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In response to your first question, as I understand it, APM uses the GPS and compass for all flight modes. If you are worried about breaking the mast, you can mount the GPS/compass without it - just make sure it is as far away as possible from high current electronics. Run a compassmot test for compass interference before your maiden flight to verify interference is at an acceptable level. 3DR kits haven't shipped with GPS masts until recently so you should be okay.

You can fly without GPS. GPS is used for auto, loiter, and RTL. All other flight modes can fly without GPS.
Normally you should hookup your power module to PDB and then connect and disconnect your battery to the power module before and after flight.

Yes, i wrote a wrong question. Compass is with the GPS (APM2.6) so my question is is it possible to fly without compass?

Maybe, you might have a problem with yaw. You can try it, just keep it low and slow.

That's is my worry, but in my pocket size multiwii quad (7cm) yaw is rock solid without compass but is small quad really... Will check if i can reach some point on the frame where i can put compass because wires are not so long...  

Don't take off before GPS lock.

Then take off. Fly a bit, then land, disarm and rearm again. This way you will eliminate any drift because of heated up components.

Just my 2 cents

Hi CyberCrash, 

For few first flight i don't want to use GPS, only stabilize mode... I worry only if i mount the GPS (it's with compass onboard) on the stand pole if quad somehow flip it will destroy it. Is the direction of motors the same as quads with mulriiwii? 

Don't worry.

I had some bad crashs and the gps module survived.

In my opinion especially for a beginner PH (position hold) is the most important feature. Just keep it enabled and as soon as you get into trouble, just let go of your controls (except hight) and instantly the copter will keep it's position.

Also, RTH (return to home) is important. Think about it: You've just started, your copter is in the air and the controls are complicated. Then suddenly wind pushes your copter away and panic starts to rise inside of you.


Then RTH is fantastic to have.

Remember: Calibrate your compass before your fist take off.



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