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Hello Everyone,

I have a bent prop shaft (the piece that slips over the motor shaft) and I can not find a place to buy the prop shaft without having to purchase a whole nex motor which I do not need.  I went to hobby king and bought what I thought was a prop shaft but it it ended up being a motor shaft.  Any suggestions?



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  • What you are looking for is a collet type prop adapter.  You just need to make sure you get the one for the size motor shaft you have.  Here is the selection at HK but you can probably find one at your local hobby shop.

    Hope this helps.


  • They are usually called Prop Adaptors and are available from any hobby store.

    You will need to specify your motor shaft diameter if they are a collett type adaptor or the screw spacing if it is a bolt on type.

    Most bolt on types are motor specific, so you will need to purchase the one for your specific motor, the collett type are very generic and you just need the motor shaft size.

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