I've been very happy with my IRIS+, and it's taught me a lot.  I now want to try my hand at a fixed wing, for mapping/modelling purposes.  I want something that is fairly DIY, and can carry a decent amount.  

I've been looking at some of the Skywalker frames, and the Bormatec frames.  I'll be flying a lot in South Dakota, which is pretty windy.  Summer average of 10mph, but it's around 16mph today...which is not uncommon, or even the windiest it gets.  

Which frame would be best?  Would the 'arrow head' shape of some of the Skywalkers and Bormatecs be better than the traditional fixed wing?





Example: Skywalker X8.


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  • We have found flying wings are much better in the wind.  We use the Ritewing Z3.  The X8 you linked to above will carry more but it's not as robust.  One issue with highly loaded wings is the launch.  We use a bungee system that helps a lot and makes it a one man operation.  

    DeaconEye sUAS
    Small unmanned aerial systems at Wake Forest University
    • Very cool! Thank you!  

      How big of an area do you need to land?

      Also, what kind of cameras are you using?

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