Hi, how are you people?
 I am new to this interesting hobby and i have some really good projects in mind which specifically include FPV flying for around 25-35 minutes atleast . I would like to get your advice on which platform to use and what all materials to use considering that my budget at the moment is restricted to around 600-800$ and i already have an APM 2.5 along with telemetry kit at hand . Am just unable to decide that should i go for a quad, hexa, or an Y-6. And with which props, motors and other parts.
 Thanx in advance for all the help.


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You will not get 25 to 35min from a comical air frame. Saying that size matters you can build a small FPV Quad no problem that will get you a 20minits flights no problem. The secret is to overpower under stress.

Motors that will handle a 11-10 inch prop & use 8 inch props this lessens the current draw. Use a 4 in one ESC because it's lighter & more efficient than 4 separate ESC's. Use 2 lipo's instead of one, very the C rating between 2 lipo's like 25C & 50C.

You can find ESC Motors Frames here:


What exactly do u mean by "small FPV Quad" , any links to such a product, just to get a general idea so that i can order the parts. I like the idea of 4 in one ESC but dont u think that it is more prone to a "complete power cutoff" if something goes wrong ??
And looking into the same budget which radio do u suggest that i should be using ??

Small meaning 330 to 480 quad would take a 9 inch prop, any larger no way you can get 30min flight time. 4 in one ESC are more reliable than individual ESC Because they are designed for multi copter. radio I use is the 9x , comes in meany models like Fly Sky, turnigy but replace the ppm module with spectrum, frsky, or module support fail safe. motors are subjective some people like T motors given motors live up to specs and will survive a crash no need to go overboard on expensive motors.


sorry I sort of misled you before you can get 30min flight time from a large 1000 mm Quad copter but it is going to cost you.

6s lipo 12000mah

4x 60amp ESC 


4X 390kv motors

1 X large 12000 mm frame

30min no payload

you can find kit here:



If you are new, get an inexpensive Quad and learn about the system. Crashing seems part of the hobby. A quad can carry a small GoPro camera and analogue video transmitter. See 3D Robotics sells kits here http://store.3drobotics.com as do others like http://www.jdrones.com http://www.canadadrones.com

( OG please can you let newbies know when you link back to your own site? )

yes that's my web site http://offthegridwater.ca only place you are going to find the kit version. other place you can find the RTF is http://onlyflyingmachines.com/ 

30min flight time no payload

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