Hello everyone

this is my first question in this forum and I' m sorry for my bad english.

I should choose a commercial drone for a project in the automotive sector (and I am a newbie in this sector). I need to have a good SDK and API documentation and I should use MAVLINK protocol.

I have looked around on the web and I found these two "types": DroneKit and Dji.

I am a bit confused:

from what I understand there is a flight controller that communicate with the ground station with a protocol(MAVLINK for example). Ok but when I buy a preassembled drone what type of flight controller is mounted? How can I comunicate with this controller to send and receive data? I have read that DroneKit is fully compatible with ArduPilot and with MAVLINK but what about Dji products? Are they compatible with MAVLINK or they use their own protocol?And what about other types of drones?

I should be able to send and receive data from my own application (my own ground station) using a programming language.

It's all a bit confusing , I know, but I have no experience in this sector. Can someone help me please? Thank you :)

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Did you ever get responses to this?  I am also interested in SDK project using drones...not many choices I believe out there currently.

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