Better and faster OSD for apm?

hello everyone

Is there a better and faster osd available/possible for the APM?

the minimosd has too big fonts and update rate is slow, can it be like the RVOSD v5 with F-16 theme?

images below for reference:





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  • No one has designed what you (and I) want. The MinimOSD does have a few advantages even though it's quite ugly. It is much more configurable. You adjust the layout and use just the functions you need. You can even change the fonts. Not to mention they are under $20 rather than the $300 OSD you are comparing it to. You will find that the MinimOSD-Extra firmware is much improved over what you have there. Look up Gabor and Miguel's MinimOSD thread for more information.
    • thank you for the reply

      that's exactly what i thought after a little search on the internet. no doubt about about the available features for 20$. But still considering that APM is a major competitor in autopilots. The quality of OSD is fairly low. the font size and position can be changed upto some extent.. 

      but i wanted to stay with APM and upgrade to a better OSD. I hope somebody will come up with the idea and implement it. IMO its merely hardware related. A little better hardware would set things straight.

      • Agreed. Many of us would happily pay $50-$75 for a beautiful graphic based OSD. The software development is free, Gabor would be happy to take on the challenge. It is purely hardware related.
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