Big Crash today - what happened

Had a big crash today with my quad from about 25-30m up.  Interesting as I was in alt hold when it started to go a bit wobbly and rotate.  The she dropped.  Was filimg with GoPro at the time and actaully caught footage of what might of happened.  Attached you can see a picture of the motor, half a blade and the arm where it was broken off.  You would not believe me if I told you this happened mid flight!!  See the other photo attached a bit blury as it came from the video.  You see the exact same part flying thru the air.  Now, did the blade snap first or did the aluminium arm snap first.  Regardless, I am quite amazed that the aluminium arm would snap off mid flight.  The logs show the motor #1 spinning up quite drastically and then down she came.

arm broken.jpg

arm in air.jpg

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  • Reading this story makes me wonder if it is possible to code a failsafe (for hexacopters) that realizes one of the motors is out. It then compensates just enough to make a quick rough landing? 

    Maybe cut throttle to the opposite motor and try to run on 4 motors while it quickly descends? 

  • Wow.

    This is the first failure of this type, actually it looks like a double failure, I have seen.

    To be sure, if the blade cracked and tossed, the aircraft was going to come down.

    If you have a digital micrometer, would you mind measuring the thickness of one of the arms?

    I am curious about the 'commercial' material used vs my hardware store raw stock I use in my builds.

    Hopefully you will be back in the air soon.


  • My best guess based on log data and visual evidence is that the blade snapped.  This caused the motor to run up full.  This in turn with the now greatly unbalanced prop caused massive vibration resulting in the aluminium arm snapping in two.

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