Bill Premerlani UAV v2 Newbie is looking for advice

Hi guys, I just managed o burn the matrixPilot v25 into my new UAV v2. I did some testing of the IMU and it seems to work. I have all the docu to read about configuration and groundtesting. I`m planning o try it in a styrofoam glider with a 400 electrical eng or so.


Does any one of you operate a UAV v2or 3? How should I go to connect it to a laptop, and what other equippment do you recommend?


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    You are best using an FTDI cable to connect the UAV DevBoard to your laptop when testing and developing on the ground.

    Then, for flying, the OpenLog is a really good way of capturing detailed telemetry. Then use flan.pyw to
    a) Create a CSV spreadsheet to let you analyze your flight with graphs etc
    b) Create an animated flight path in Google Earth of your flight and 3D waypoints, so you can see exactly how well
    the plane has performed.

    Best wishes, Pete
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