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Elektronic engineer, FAA CFIIMEL, AP, model airplanes

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Steering a model plane is fun, but to put them on A/P might also be fun. In fact some contraptions might be so unstable that flying without an A/P would be impossible.


Miami, Vienna

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John Dal replied to Stephen R Mann's discussion Wiki error on FailSafe?
"Hi, guys
I want to increase the range of my DX7, and have bouht a ARGtek from DIY drohne, a 1000mW 2.4Hz amp. 
Now I understand I need an attenuator.
Can anybody tell me how to determine the dB size of attenuator to feed my DX7 2.4GHz RF into the…"
May 13, 2013
John Dal left a comment for Riccardo Kuebler
"Hi Ric,
Did you ever get your Ardustation to work? I was trying all week to use SERIAL_ ARDUSTATION from MP, to no avail, at all. Is yours working?
Dec 1, 2012
John Dal replied to Richard Warrender's discussion Can't decode data?
I`m having the same problem, same set up, only just changing \r to \n doesn`t oslve my problem.
Those are my test signals, where as no gps ccordinates:…"
Dec 1, 2012
John Dal posted a discussion
Hi guys,I have experimented with Uavdb2 only a little bit, and am wondering if the attitude that is stored in the first 10 seconds is being relied upon on for the entire flight.Do the acellerators only determine the default attitude for each…
Nov 9, 2010
John Dal replied to Michael Adams's discussion Experimental Aircraft
"What type of plane is it?"
Sep 28, 2010
John Dal posted a discussion
Hi guys, I just managed o burn the matrixPilot v25 into my new UAV v2. I did some testing of the IMU and it seems to work. I have all the docu to read about configuration and groundtesting. I`m planning o try it in a styrofoam glider with a 400…
Sep 28, 2010