How does UAV dB basically function?

Hi guys,

I have experimented with Uavdb2 only a little bit, and am wondering if the attitude that is stored in the first 10 seconds is being relied upon on for the entire flight.

Do the acellerators only determine the default attitude for each flight? 

And in what file would one find code for it?

Where can you find pin definitions of the PIC? 

I noticed that on one flight the plane was much slower than on an other flight, when in AP mode. That was obviousely a result of the initial recorded attitude.

Can the airspeed or basic attitude be changed in flight?

I`m just trying to understand more of the UAv.

truely John


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    Hi John,

    During the first 10 seconds after power up of the UDB, the firmware stores the following parameters:

    * Gyro offsets
    * Accelerometer offsets
    * Control surface trims

    These parameters are then used to define "zero" for control and navigation calculations, for the rest of the flight. They cannot be changed in flight.

    In the case of the accelerometers, this defines what it means for the plane to be level, so the plane should be level during power up.

    In the present version of the firmware, there is no attempt to control airspeed, that happens indirectly through pitch control.

    For more information, I suggest you repost your question to the uavdevboard group. For more information, take a look at the Wiki pages for the UAV DevBoard (UDB).

    You can find the pin definitions of the PIC as used in the UDB from the schematic on the sparkfun website.

    You can also go to the MicroChip website and look around, there is a wealth of technical documentation and application notes on the dsPIC30F4011

    Best regards,
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