Wiki error on FailSafe?

The wiki seems to disagree with the popup descriptions in APM 1.2.13

In the parameter list, THR_FAILSAFE_ACTION

The popup indicates that the aircraft will enter RTL when a LOS failsafe occurs if THR_FAILSAFE_ACTION=1

But the Wiki says that this setting should allow the aircraft to finish an AUTO mode mission.

Which is correct?

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  • Hi, guys

    I want to increase the range of my DX7, and have bouht a ARGtek from DIY drohne, a 1000mW 2.4Hz amp. 

    Now I understand I need an attenuator.

    Can anybody tell me how to determine the dB size of attenuator to feed my DX7 2.4GHz RF into the 1000mW ARGtek amp?

    I read between 6 and 4dB.

    Does the length of the feeder cable matter? Couple inch more or less do matter?
    Appreciate any help.

  • No worries Steve.

    The search function on this site is useless. The best way to search is through Google. Type what you want and then end with "" - that will just return results from this site. Google does a much better job at indexing the site than the internal search engine does!

  • Developer

    do you have the wiki page you a refering to?

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