Bixler crash, unable to figure out the reason.

Hi ,

       Bixler (RTF , everything premade by 3DR) was crashed in first flight, while in the stabilize mode after flying good for more than 2 mins.    

Details of Hardware:  APM 2.5, 3DR radio module ,

                               Spectrum DX7s Radio

                               loaded with Firmware (Arduplane 2.76) given initial params, 

Flight Details 

        After accelerometer, Magneto calibration, I started flying in Manual mode, everything was good, then I switched to Stabilize mode, it was flying perfect, I did this mode switching couple of times (You can see it in Google earth data I have attached) and before the crash I switched to Stabilize from Manual it flew for around 10 seconds and " SUDDENLY I NOTICED the throttle went to zero, all control surfaces went to their extreme positions, (I had no control on Radio) which made it to go into high roll (turned left more than 90deg), pitched up, high Yaw and led to crash on nose cockpit facing towards me (It was flying away from me) . (Enabling planes in google earth explains it a lot clearer) . 

         We checked over lot of data through Telemetry logs and dataflash logs (unfortunately we didn't enable IMU data to be recorded so I don't have that ERR data ) " we couldn't figure out why it happened "

PLEASE have a look over data, and help me understand what might have caused it to crash. I have attached Telemetry , Dataflash Log . Note : The data stopped recording at 17 meter altitude just before the crash.

What might have happened ?

did APM stopped working?

Was there radio failure?

Was there Interference?


Your response would be very helpful, Thank you


Plane attitude


2013-11-11 12-01-03.tlog.kmz

2013-11-11 12-01-03.tlog

2013-11-13 13-33 10.log

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  • Does your radio and receiver have a failsafe? and if so, did you set it to failsafe RTL mode?

    I am no expert, but sounds like a radio malfunction to me and if so I would suspect failsafe was not set.

    Does your radio have any glitches , power related?  I once had a bad battery connection in my radio and it would go off and on when I shook it a little.. I had no failsafe set and of course a plane without radio is a dive bomber..

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