Blown MUX?

Hello people, i need to share this with all of you to see if we end with some sort of diagnose procedure to know if we have a blown MUX, and the posible ways to solve the problem.


  • ardupilot
  • arduimu
  • shield with air speed sensor
  • ublox gps
  • no reset button
  • lipo sensing pin activated
  • telemetry with xbee pro
  • CGS
  • electronic speed control (for motor)

  • Have soldered the ardupilot with all the jumpers in order to use throttle and channel 4 as a rudder.
  • conected the gps to the imu
  • conected the imu to the shield on the +5, gnd, rx pins
  • conected the xpee to the shield on the +5, gnd, tx pins
  • in 1 to receiver ailerons
  • in 2 to receiver elevators
  • in 3 to receiver throttle
  • in 4 to receiver rudder
  • crtl to receiver gear
  • out 1 to aileron servo
  • out 2 to elevator servo
  • out 3 to speed control
  • out 4 to nose wheel (no rudder for now, Vtail not suported)
  • mux in 3 to pin d8
  • mux in 4 to pin analog 4
  • vcc pin to positive out 1
  • d11 pin to thottle in signal
  • d13 pin to 4 in signal.

  • gps lock and data working ok
  • arduimu working ok
  • telemetry working ok
  • throttle sensing (input on 3 in) working ok
  • Rudder sensing (input on 4 in)  working ok
  • Elevator sensing (input on 2 in ) working ok
  • Aileron sensing (input on 1 in ) working ok
  • Crtl sensing input working ok
  • aileron output (out 1) working good in all modes
  • elevator output (out 2) working good in all modes
  • throttle output not working at all
  • rudder output not working at all

  • changed the mux in 3 -- throttle to mux in 4 -- throttle with no success!
  • changed the mux in 4 -- analog 4 to out pin 4 --- analog 4 and rudder works.
Final result:

  • BLOWN MUX??????????????
please tell me what else to try i have been reading also all the code to see if i can find some sort of solutions.........

thanks people...

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  • WOW...... this is amazing.... everything works good now.......... also wired the rudder...... good as espected ..... now gonna fly and tune...

  • found my problem..... i feel so bad in this moment (bothering you because of my fault)....... jordi sugested me to download the eagle file of the board as a tool to check my AP...
    it happends that in the manual i saw the instruction to cut the trace but did not understood why!!! and also by mistake i broke the mux 3 trace...........

    o boy i feel soooooooo bad..... soooooo dumb....... it was not a solder problem, was a cuting problem...

    smashed my head to the table for half and hour when i saw it......
    tested it, now is working....

    so........ !!!!! IT IS NOT A BLOWN MUX !!!!!

    Note: still feeling dumb........... fu@*&k......

    Chris...... !!!thanks so much for your patience!!!!.....
  • I have a turnigy 60amp. Esc.
  • 3D Robotics
    The MUX only controls channels 1 and 2, so you're fine there. The problem is probably a soldering error with the jumper wire for throttle on the bottom of the board. Please check it again. Also test if if works with the shield not attached.
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