Hi All

         I think my telemetry port may be damaged.

I tried to set up a minim osd but i failed to understand the wiring correctly.

this worked ok when powered from the usb link

however when i connected the main lipo battery   (camera and Tx 12v  from balance plug)

I got no video pass thro or osd  opps!!

next I connected 3dr radio link Thinking this would be better than osd,

However i get no response from the port.

I have a second amp 2.5 board and the radio link works perfectly on that.

my question is this can i use a spare uart  to connect to the radio/osd  telemetry port

I notice that there are solder jumpers to change uart connections??

do i have to change software settings to do this??

Thanks Tim Painter

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no where an expert, and haven't tried this myself for this specific purpose (did it to have 2 telemetry out ports both were working):

there are at least 2 serial ports on apm 2.5+  to access the second one open the case, solder 4 pins on the apm board (the pin holes are marked gnd, tx, rx, vcc). there are plenty of tutorials on how to enable the second UART port on apm 2.5.  In the even you damaged your UART0  there is a chance that your UART1 is alive.  (Vcc is just 5 volts, do not connect 12v from minim to it and do not reverse your polarity)


    thanks i see the alternative uart  0 / 2  connection points.

 i just have to work out to re assign telemetry  to  use uart 1



           I have connected  the  telemetry radio directly to uart 0 on edge of the board and all works perfectly

            so presumably i have damaged the  input to the "multiplexer??"

    telemetry uses uart 0   by default ?  so no software changes  were necessary

     If anyone has any comments i would be please to here them

  Tim Painter

yes UART0 is the default.  again, not 100% sure, but I would not suggest to connect usb and telemetry at the same time now...... 

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