Bluetooth connection between APM and Mission Planner

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The USB-port on my APM is beginning to get unstable so I have bought a bluetooth HC 05 to serial module. I have now digged through the forum threads I could find regarding the connections, but are still unsure as to how the module should be hooked up to the APM.

I want to be able to program the APM from mission planner via bluetooth on my computer. Could any of you possibly send me a picture or drawing describing how the bluetooth module should be connected to the APM? The bluetooth thing has 4 connections: rxd txd vcc gnd, which I believe is two communication ports, 3.3v and ground respectively.

Thanks a lot for any input.

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Why not buy a telemetry set. They are cheap on ebay. That way you will have a longer range. I did build a bluetooth set for my tablet. I use the telemetry on my quad and then i hook up a bluetooth to the other telemetry module. Then I connect bluetooth on my android tablet to my telemetry bluetooth ground station.
I have one of these and after trying every combination of settings and baud rates I never got it to work .

I know the thread is old, but I just want to "close" the topic. As replied by floyd and Dave, the bluetooth module HC 05 is not worth it. I never got it to work and bought a cheap telemetry-kit instead.

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