I have an issue with the site e-mail notifications.

I wish not to receive e-mail notifications each time someone replies to a blog post where I have also replied.

Currently, each time someone responds to this (http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/sonar-behavior?id=705844%3A...) post, I get an e-mail.

I have disabled the Activity/On Items I comment on and Activity/In My Groups tickboxes under Settings/Email in my profile and Saved the changes and still get them.

Is there another option I am missing?

P.S. Is there another subforum dedicated on similar, forum related technical questions?

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On each page, below the main post, there is an underlined sentence that says

"Stop Following– Don't email me when people reply."

By default, Following gets turned on when you reply or otherwise participate in the thread.  If you don't wish to be notified of responses by others, turn this off.



Thank you, that should do it.

Shouldn't that option be disabled by default, based on the options I entered on my user account?

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