Hello ,

I am looking for a book that helps me to understand how sensors for UAVs are designed so that I can design sensors myself . 

Can anyone please provide some suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.


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No books.

Time is against you - and not in the usual way. By the time you get anywhere with any already-written book, and do anything with it, you will already be way behind and losing ground in obsolescence.

I would suggest finding the most up-to-date cutting edge working concepts which are small enough to work for what you need, and starting there; as once you get your head fully around it and do something with it, you will not be far behind the cutting edge - the only way to do that is with the internet - or if you know a resident drone genius who will betray thier best serets - like that's going to happen, lol...

Find the cutting-edge concepts embodied in actual, physical parts being used today that are what you are looking for, get the names, model numbers, key words in its concept, and then do another search for those particulars.

Open up a Word document or similar, start cut-n-pasting any and all good info on it, and when done, go back and edit it to get rid of useless or repeated info, and you will be able to start piecing together just how it works and how its made, steal a couple ideas, modify this and that where it seems obvious or makes sense, and you will be able to do as you seek to.

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