Brushless Gimbal Recommendations for a DJI F550


I did some searching through the forums and couldn't quite pin down the info I'm looking for.  Feedback requested. 

I'm looking for suggestions for a brushless gimbal that can house a DSLR camera such as the Samsung NX210 or Sony NEX5.  I fly a DJI F550 hexarotor with a GoPro Hero 3 as see below so the gimbal would need to mount to a DJI F550.  The core application is photogrammetry and mapping so I need movement on all axis but with a particular interest i nboth oblique and "straight down" shots".  Recommendations?3691060238?profile=original




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  • Hi Paul,

    Did you at some point have a look at my gear on  I just recall someone asking about doing straight down mapping.  I now have a gimbal which will take up to NEX-7 sized cameras as well as a 3 or 2 axis mount with tripod legs for not only the F550 but also the Tarrot FY680 and CarbonCore 950.  If you are planning on lugging a full DSLR sized camera on the smaller F550 frame I would probably consider going bigger with the frame and motor power.  You can get longer arm upgrades for the F550 with motor mounts that take the 3xxx / 4xxx size mount holes (25/19mm).  I would personally go with something the size of the DJI S800.  

    All of the brushless gimbal controllers out there support setting the pitch to point directly down so no problems with that.  I also have a gimbal that allows you to twist the camera 90 deg to give you portrait orientation shots.



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