While learning how to fly my bird, I have given up on the crappy little legs provided by jDrones as they were broke, repaired and broke again.  Time to go to Lowe's and see if they have something to make legs out of.  Searched all the ailes and found a bucket that had potential.


This Bucket has potential (I bought 2 for $3).  Notice the bigger ring below the lip.








Trimmy, trimmy (I love dremel tools).






One ring cut.









Chop off the bottom










Add a couple holes and screws to bottom plate for mounting.











Cut a fiberglass rod ($2 at Lowe's).

We are up to $5 now.  Budgets and schedules need to be met :)









Hold rods in place with tie wraps (both inside and outside).











Adding some asthetics so as not to make this look like a cut up bucket with propellers.














Nearly complete.






And we're finished.


2 Buckets $3

1 Rod $2

Some warning tape and end caps $2


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Great post,

You've not factored the Stella Artois into your budget calculation though.

Nice budget build, any thoughts for a matching compact camera gimbal to go with the legs!

Good point about the Stella, but around here that's just overhead in the form of employee benefits. 

I know, once I get this damn thing to fly without turning on the rudder axis, I am looking to get a camera for it.  Any ideas?

I have so many cameras, but I am looking for a small one that can double as an FPV.  Something like a Canon G12.  Looked at the GoPro but haven't heard great things about picture quality, plus it might be just too wide angle at it's narrowest, for my tastes.

Gimble time should be interesting.  I like the idea of a mechanical gyro rather than having electronics try to keep up with movement.  I saw a vid on a hard drive spinning platter used like this, so I know it can be done and it worked pretty well. 

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