Today I continued to setup my T450 with PixHawk and traditional hely.

I did three flight to tune the PI Rate Roll & Pitch but at the starting the fouth and checking the servo beavior I found may be a bug.

1. If I move the rudder stick all the cyclic servos move !

2. If I try to roll right NO servo moves

3. If I try to roll left the movement is too too crisp.

I Attach to this post the log 

My setup is 

ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)
PX4: ce602658 NuttX: 475b8c15
Frame: HELI
PX4v2 002F001F 33334702 31313533

My radio is a Taranis plus, about the first topic, I checked the taranis moves only the rudder the others not, effectively at the datalog looking at the data log when I move CH4 = Rudder others input still steady.

The connection between Rx (FrSky X8R) and Pixhawk is via SBUS.


The same CH4 maneuver then Out 1, 2 ,3 move


This is not so good :(

2015-08-09 18-47-51 1.bin

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  • Hello, nobody read this post.

    This behavior is critical, resetting the pixhawk parameters and retuning the issue disappeared but, today if I move YAW stick still present a small pitch movement.

    Please could somebody help me to understand ? Or more infos are needed ?


    • Mode 2 transmitter?  When you move the yaw are you sure you are not moving the stick vertically by a small amount?  It is quiet easy to inadvertently move the collective a small amount while moving the stick left or right for a yaw command.  Only reason I ask is I have done a LOT of research as I am also in the middle of tuning in my 500 and have not run across anyone having this issue.

      • Mode 3 transmitter, so the right joystick manage throttle and yaw, for this reason I wrote about this behavior.

        The strangest thing is that I reset the pixhawk parameters to factory default the I retune the copter the issue re appear I'm using the last official release the 3.2.1.



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