Building a drone for beginner

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of building a drone. I needed some advise before starting. Since I am completely new to drones.

Here are few queries / question I need help with:

  • Where should I look first ? I mean theories, documentation, tutorials.
  • What platform should I use which is suitable for beginners and also extensible for advanced features ?
  • This question may not be relevent but just asking can I use raspberry pi as a flight controller ?

Few things I already have with me, and please suggest me the other things which I will/might need (please include links, it will be helpful)

Things I currently have 

  • BLDC motors with ESC
  • Servo motors
  • DC motors
  • Raspberry Pi 
  • Arduino

Hoping to get help for starting my drone journey.


Thank You,


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Aug 25