Hey All!

We're in the process of creating our own drown parts, and we very interested in community ideas. We just finished our first revisions for our motor mounts. Thoughts? 


We ditched the "gluing in place" method. Now we're able to quickly change motor between airframes. Future revisions to come as we look to strengthen this design.

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Nice finish :) 

How wires enter in the tube and how they weight?

Thanks ! :)

The wires enter the tube here. and everything is covering with a lens cap

They're lightweight aluminum

be shure that borders are well rounded, or vibrations can damage wires; looks very proffesional

excited about the new update, but we're looking forward to building new revisions and maybe giving away some of our old revs ;)

Absolutely PRO. i'm sure you could make great success if you try to sell those motor mounts. how you do it? cnc machinering? and the plastic cap? injected or 3d printed? congrats!

Thanks ! :) We machine the motor mounts and the lenses are injected molded. 

We opened up the borders for the wires, thanks for the suggestion ! :)

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