Burned connecter effects ?

Accidently, I burned this caple yesterday while I am testing my Xcopter I connected this connector (-) with the battery +and the opposite. I am new to this field so i took it off immediately.

However when I changed the burned connecter with  A  new one , the complete drone couldnt ARM.

So I am confused I tried to figure out what could be burned but I couldn't.

I am using a new Pixhawk 

6 - ESR 40A 

X8R receiver 

and a taranis transmiter.

My question is what could be burned from this accident in my drone could it be the PIXHAWK or ESR or ...?

The Pixhawk lights are flashing correctly.

I also connected with Mission Planner to see if it's working or not but unfortunately its not I can't calibrate my taranis mixers (panels)!! the green lights do not move!! it says (radio control is not active or turned on).



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