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Hi, I've been looking at buying the ArduPilot and parts for some time but delivery from websites such as SparkFun and this store are about $55 and this doesn't include the rather lovely "import tax" I'd have to pay once it's in the country which is another $15 or so.I don't mind paying 30% of the price I paid for goods but when it's more like 100% it gets crazy but I'm sure there are quite a few UAV flyers in the UK and I'd love to know how they got their kit.What's the cheapest way for me to get hold of an ArduPilot and XY, Z sensors?Thanks,Richard

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  • Spoke abit too soon about the TAX in sparkfun shipments to the UK....

    Letter arrived from FEDEX today asking for DUTY and Tax charges of £14.46, have yet to work out fully what they are based on but a Tax charge of £15 based on a goods value of £51 does sting a little!

    Interestingly the letter also includes the commercial invoice from spark fun with the itemised replacement costs of each of the goods purchased which is presumably what they cost sparkfun to buy / manufacture....

  • HI Richard,

    I have offered on 2 occasions to Chris adn Jordi, that we would be happy to stock thier products, i just havnt had any kind of reply. Im not sure if they thought i was serious or there might be other issues, dont know...

    We have had successfull flights and thier systems seriously do work, quite abit of tuning involved, but the new software Jordi has sorted, has cut the mustard!!

    maybe one of the guys will let me know?

    We are in the UK by the way.


  • Hi Richard

    Total cost without shipping was $216.90, the declared customs and insurance value on the box was $83.95.

    Now out of excuses to get started and use it as something other than a paper weight....

  • Hi Richard

    I brought a UAV a development board and other bits from sparkfun last week and chose the FED-EX option with the goods insured at their replacement cost (presumably what it would cost sparkfun to replace the goods rather than their retail value). This cost was declared on the package label as the both the carrigae and customs value and I recieved the package within 3 working days without any additional charges or delays.

    Hope this helps,

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    Have a look at they have pretty much everything you need.
  • I live in the UK and bought an Ardupilot back in February without any problems. The price I paid on the website at the time was $43.90 delivered to the uk with no problems. It was delivered within a few days too. Marvelous. now all I need to do is get around to using it.
  • Fedex and a friendly supplier who will put a 'massaged' value of goods on the side. Never, ever, ever use parcelforce. Pay the premium for Fedex Express, it saves a lot of money in the long run and arrives faster. I say this having made lots of small purchases amouning to several thousand pounds from the states over the last few months. It may seem more expensive at the time to go Fedex priority, but when you add in all the crap and incompetency and 'handling fees' of ParcelForce, it becomes a no-brainer.

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