About Me:

I have over 20 years experience with electronics and the last 13 of those have been with Microprocessors and Microcontroller's. I decided to have a go with RC planes which I have always wanted to do. Having combined the two hobbies I'm now gettting into drones. I've also started to get into amature radio and have made many usefull modifcations to my GCS setup based on what I've learned on the radio courses.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'm not really trying to develop a fully automated system because I enjoy flying the planes myself. I would prefer to develop a good ground station system with an autopilot on the the airframe to take over flight if I need a break or in case of communications problems. My dream system would be to develop a cockpit similar to what those flight sim guys develop but controlling my uav from it instead of flight sim. it's not extactly portable but could be a lot of fun.