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Computer Systems Engineering student with a passion for aeronautics.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My aim is to build a complete UAV system - a self-piloting aircraft with manual control override, aerial photo and video capability, and a portable groundstation that both controls the aircraft and receives telemetry. If possible, I'd like to add in-flight mission updates and visual object tracking as well.

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anaximander replied to Oliver Whysall's discussion Drone Laws
"A fellow Brit! I had similar troubles in finding information; eventually I came across the CAA's CAP-722 document [PDF].

The weight classifications are listed under Section 1, paragraph 3.1. DIYDrones stuff will generally be under 20kg, which means…"
Aug 21, 2013
anaximander posted a discussion
I'm looking at the RVJET as the platform for my drone, and so far, I like the look of it. I have only one issue, which is the camera mount. From what I've seen, the tilt plate sits inside the pan ring, which means that when you're looking straight…
Aug 20, 2013
anaximander posted a discussion
I'm working on a research piece testing various unusual aircraft configurations, and I've come across an issue maintaining smooth airflow over some of the components involved in a variable-geometry wing... thing. Basically, there's one section that…
Aug 19, 2013
anaximander commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New Mission Planner GCS feature: integrated OSD video!
"Now that is a nice feature. I wonder how hard it would be to get this running on something small enough to use as a handheld... I'm thinking Android SDK, Motorola Xoom and some custom thumbsticks..."
Jun 13, 2011
anaximander replied to Errol Tazbaz's discussion keeping Camera looking Nadir
"You can cheat the resolution gradient by overdoing it at the photo and downscaling - ie, take the photos at, say, 300DPI equivalent, and then reduce to 280 or 250DPI for the finished image, essentially bringing the whole image down to the resolution…"
Jan 28, 2011
anaximander replied to Errol Tazbaz's discussion keeping Camera looking Nadir
"You'll have trouble with any gravity-based gimballing systems - the problem with flight is that your resultant acceleration is often different from the local gravity direction. A notable example of this is with spiral divergence mode - for those who…"
Jan 25, 2011
anaximander posted a discussion
I've decided I've messed about with the electronics enough for now and it's time for me to get an airframe and get airborne. The Skywalker seems to be the one that best meets my requirements - not too large, but with decent payload capacity (both…
Nov 29, 2010
anaximander replied to Elijah Pemberton's discussion Sailblimp concept (battling the wind)
"If you put another sail below to balance it then you could avoid the roll... as for moving downwind, with some cunning use of sail you could bend airflow about to steer, but your speed would decrease as you got further off the wind and you'd mostl…"
Nov 27, 2010
anaximander commented on Peter Seddon's blog post HexRotor
"That's the one - Bill was my lecturer in Aerospace Systems. Great guy. I've seen a version of this displayed in our lobby with a roll cage off sorts, for that rolling motion. The bonus of being able to apply a thrust in any direction... I think they…"
Nov 25, 2010
anaximander commented on Peter Seddon's blog post HexRotor
"Former Manchester Uni student here - the UAV is called Tumbleweed, and was part of a project being run by a lecturer of mine. The purpose of the weird rotor angles is quite cool, actually - by combining different speeds of the various rotors, it can…"
Nov 25, 2010
anaximander replied to Enric G. Torrents's discussion DIY Drones - Any group at London, Manchester or Birmingham?
"Hey, if you're willing to go as far as Manchester then give the guys over at HACman a shout (http://hacman.org.uk/). This kind of thing is right up their street."
Oct 28, 2010
anaximander replied to anaximander's discussion Custom building or re-building RC transmitter gear
"Well, the diagram of the entire project plan is here, but I get the impression that's not entirely what you meant. I'm working on a diagram of dataflow, ie following the system through, starting by explaining what each sensor is reading, then seeing…"
Aug 24, 2010
anaximander posted a discussion
A thought that occurred to me recently: is it possible to use the spare parts that a lot of RC shops sell, or maybe a semi-dismantled RC transmitter handset, to make your own transmitter? As in, build something from an…
Aug 23, 2010
anaximander replied to Anthony Bee's discussion Has anyone ever considered Tracking software for their UAVs using Cameras???
"Do you have an airframe in mind for this? I ask because it sounds like the BeagleBoard is your best option, and you can fly a Beagle. I know a guy who built his UAV around a BeagleBoard; it's a blended delta similar to the SkyFun, to get the…"
Jun 5, 2010
anaximander commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Multiplex vs HobbyKing Shootout!
"I wonder if it's possible to modify the fuselage so that the lovely clear cockpit bubble is on the underside, so we can put cameras behind it... I think I might have to buy a couple and attack one of them with a craft knife and glue."
Apr 9, 2010
anaximander replied to Ryan's discussion Sad end to a great aircraft.......
"One of my lecturers worked on the Nimrod upgrade program, back in the day. The stories he tells us... what a farce. I'm not a huge fan though, but that's mostly because I think it's a crime to take an aircraft as pretty as the Comet and turn it into…"
Mar 26, 2010