This photo shows the motor and mount. For anyone building a Senior Telemaster this combination is working very well. The motor is a Great Planes RIMFIRE .80 500 rpm/kv. I'm using it with a Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 100 ESC and Venom 6s1p 5000 mAh battery. Full throttle current with an APC 15x6 was 57.6 Amps at 11K rpm.

NOTE: For anyone thinking of building a Senior Telemaster, the instructions and photos don't show any right or down thrust being put into the mount. In fact they say to mount it "perpendicular" to the firewall. This photo shows the washers I installed to give approximately 2 degrees right and down thrust. This results in little or no throttle induced pitch or yaw. Top left 1 washer, top right 2 washers, bottom right 1 washer, bottom left NO washers.

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  • Fantastic! thanks for the reply. I think i'm going to go down the conversion route based on that.
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    The last several flights I did resulted in an average consumption of about 2200 mAh, over 10 minutes. If I leave a reserve of 20% on a capacity of 5000 mAh that's (5000*.8)/220=18.18 minutes total flight time! That's a cruise current of just over 13 Amps! Less than your EasyStar, how about that!!
  • Hi Nathaniel, I have a 40 size nitro trainer i'm considering converting to eletric simpy because I have had enough of the mess caused by using fuel and problems with then engine itself (so much so I haven't even got this one in the air yet). I also run an easystar but being a small plane I fly it gently on around 14 amps so get a good lfight time. what is the approx flight time you have with that setup ? The washers is a great idea I'll make a note of that one.
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