I am sure many people have done the Ardu/Pilot\Shield integration with the Ardu IMU V2. I have come to a halt and would appreciate some pointers to get restarted.

1 If the single Y cable supplied with the shield are to be used with the V2 IMU, where can I find the cableing interconnect instructions?

2. If the interface must be implemented with point to point connections per the ArduManual, where can I find the with connectors shown in the ArduIMU manual photo.  Is home brew indicated? That's OK, but I would like a pointer to the type of end connectors I would need to acquire. (I am new at this)

3. The cables supplied with the shield are: 3 long servo extensions, 4 short extensions and one hybrid with a five pin female on one end and 2 female lipo balance 4 pin connectors on the 2 ends of the Y.  The servos cables are for control paths - I understand that - what is the hybrid balance cell Y for?

I know I am overlooking something but I just can't put a finger on it.  Help is appreciated.


Thanks much
Mike Cowan

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    Mike, those cables that came with the shield are for thermopile sensors, not the IMU. You don't need the shield for the IMU.
  • I am getting the hang of working with non mil spec components.

    For other newbies.  A wide variety of perfboard RC components is available at polulu.com >> catalog >> cables and wire (& related components)

    They offer a  tiny MOSFET switch which interfaces with any channel of an Rx. Discrete works best.I'm using it to drive a battery transfer relay - sort of in-flight refueling.

    Also for other newbies at this point. Windows Vista is sort of plug and play for the FDTI setup and download. Return to RTS is a default setting. See download links on the IMU page for helpful information from the company that provides the FDTI S/W. The DIY screen capture photos and navigation instructions do not apply.

    Così facile che il septuagenarian può farlo!


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    The hybrid "Y" cable is for the XY and Z IR sensors that are no longer sold by the DIY Drones Store. Since you are using the IMU V2 there is no need for the IR Sensor "Y" cable except if you want to use it as you did in your answering post above. I custom make all of my cables and have made several to interface the IMU V2 to the Ardupilot V2.



  • Solution:  The IR Cable makes a neat looking I/F cable.  The female jumper ends were fabricated by splitting the end connectors of a 3 inch extension cable.  See Photo.  The google alternative was to order from Hobbyking and wait - and wait.


    Mike Cowan


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