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Is there a reasonably objective site I can compare RC suitable cameras? I made the mistake of purchasing a flycamone (v2 I think) and I have to admit -the quality is awful .  We had a downed plane in a load of gorse bushes near our site and I thought I would take the opportunity to plug in a few waypoints and fly the plane over but the picture is just so foggy blurred and ... well ... not really that good  unless the subject is about 2-3 meters away ...

What I am looking for is a reasonable comparison of :

Manufacturer, Make (date of product run), cost, weight, power source, power consumption, control options (ie through server channels etc), gimbal attachment details, img size + quality, vid size+ quality, storage mechanism, oh and a few links to a few sample images, youtubes etc etc.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TOO ASK ? If it doesn't exist, I'll sling one up on a googledoc somewhere for all to add to. Otherwise I'll have to just tape my phone to the airframe !!

I just want to make sure that the next one I buy is usable and not gimmicky ...


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    The #16 v2 seems pretty good for $40, I have one en-route ( one must just isolate against vibration due to the jello effect from the CMOS sensor, I've done lots of research trying to find something reasonable and for quality image the GoPro are still great if you don't mind the very wide angle. Canon S95 (has CCD sensor) is a very good P&S camera for aerial use.

    If you have some time to trawl for info then the Aerial Photography ( and Video Piloting ( forums can be useful.

  • If you're interested in image quality the GoPro HD HERO2 is pretty much as good as it gets in the compact size range. To get better than that you'll have to look at larger cameras with larger sensors and better lenses. I haven't seen a complete roundup before but I suppose doing so is hard to justify for such a niche audience.

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  • I think the best site is youtube.

    Search comparisons between gropro hero vs gopro hero 2 vs rd32 II vs crocolis HD vs hobbyking HD wing II vs ION air PRO...

    be careful with rd32II and hobbyking HD wing. people says that cause interferences.

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