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Richard Green replied to Damo's discussion Takeoff elevator in ArduPlane User Group
"Not 100% elevator ... I take off with neutral elevator and then hold the controller with left hand (ie on throttle in case of a disaster), launch with right hand and then get to the elevator / ailerons PDQ. That works for me so far. If you take off…"
May 18, 2014
Richard Green commented on crystal garris's blog post 3 days to go, $15,000 to raise. Its fly or die baby!
"How on earth can you keep it flying for 1 - 2 hours !!! Wow !!! Unfortunately, I don't have any spare beans to sponsor the project at the moment :-( Guess I'll be paying a higher price when the kits start getting manufactured."
Sep 21, 2012
Richard Green replied to Richard Green's discussion Camera "round up"
"Well that didn't take long to get vandalized ... 
Thanks whoever replaced most of the cells with a 2 (not).

I'll have to revert it to read only access by default and if you want to contribute then I'll add people on a request basis.

I'll revert…"
Sep 20, 2012
Richard Green replied to David Hertzog's discussion Won't go below default altitude when trying autoland
"I'm having a bit of trouble with autoland too .... but just that the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired (APM2.0) so I really need to steer it in via rudder and even then it's a pretty heavy landing. Any autolanding experts out there willing to…"
Sep 14, 2012
Richard Green posted a discussion
Obviously the COG should be centre for lateral placement and "as recommended" for longitudinal placement, but what happens if I move a component higher than usual - ie shifting the COG up ? Does this make the plane inherently more unstable? The…
Sep 12, 2012
Richard Green replied to Arnt-Inge Hansen's discussion Spektrum DX8, 6 flights mode with one singel channel, by FM and Gear Switch
"Just a "thanks" and a "me too got it working". I would advise anybody using this combo to think of some mnemonics to aid memory while flying .. for example, here is the mnemonic I made up:

I use the GEAR switch as a "I'm flying, or APM's flying"…"
Sep 11, 2012
Richard Green posted a discussion
Is there a reasonably objective site I can compare RC suitable cameras? I made the mistake of purchasing a flycamone (v2 I think) and I have to admit -the quality is awful .  We had a downed plane in a load of gorse bushes near our site and I…
Sep 11, 2012
Richard Green posted photos
Sep 9, 2012
Richard Green replied to Anish's discussion Folks around London in UK Ardupilot Group
"Hi Anish

I live in London and have been successfully flying my Parkzone Trojan T 28 with arduplane installed (obviously after a few teething problems!). Have even managed a few auto take offs a well ... still haven't got the landing nailed yet…"
Sep 8, 2012
Richard Green posted a discussion
Maybe I am missing something but if I 1) connect2) write a plan3) then take off and put drone into "auto" (ie follow the plan) how do I know the plan has been uploaded correctly.When the drone lands, how do I download the plan from the drone to then…
May 28, 2012
Richard Green replied to Andre's discussion Waypoints and Failsave?
"for "failsafe" please be aware of current caa legislation : 
Chapter 5 Safety Considerations
1 Any Model Aircraft FlyingFirstChoose an unobstructed site and at all times keep a safe distance from:• PERSONS• VESSELS• VEHICLES• STRUCTURESOnly Fly• In…"
May 28, 2012