3 days to go, $15,000 to raise. Its fly or die baby!

Hey everyone,

3689478341?profile=originalI'm sure most of you  have heard about the techpod and the kickstarter campaign I just want to give one more shout out here for help. Its been a long journey getting to this day. I lot of you have been following and supporting the development of the techpod for years. The countless hours of designing, building and flying seem compressed into just a few moments. I know this will be a success heck I just got a $10,000 backer on Saturday. I think bigger things are on the way. I am going to have a very large amount of airplanes soon and I am going to need some help getting Techpods into peoples hands.I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported the project .thanks to all the people who encouraged me through out the years. Thanks to everyone who help to get the word out. Thanks to all me friends and family who have surrounded me and made me strong. Thanks to Chris Anderson and the rest of the diydrones community for giving me a place to express myself and to learn and grow beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks to my wife for putting up with all my crazy ideas. And most of all Thanks to my mom the hardest working person I have ever met.

love you all!


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  • Awesome ! Congratulations.

  • Kept refreshing the kickstarter page today.  

    Congratulations Wayne and everyone who participated.  Great effort.

  • Moderator
    Congratulations, Wayne... Its great to hear good news these days.
    Looking forward to your continued success with your project,
  • 100KM

    100% funded !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you guys sooooooo much!!

    tears in my eyes.

  • Done :)

    I upped my pledge! Wow, so excited about putting a GoPro and APM 2.x into this platform.

  • above the 45k :)

    i couldn't resist...

  • $100 to go.

    will be very interesting when it is here :)

  • Well, if I flew planes, I would order one, but with my skills, I'd probably cash it on maiden.  But, I want to see people succeed in their projects, so hope my $5 helps.

    With 2575 views, if half of people who viewed this fine blog contributes their $5, this will easily go over the top today!

  • How on earth can you keep it flying for 1 - 2 hours !!! Wow !!! Unfortunately, I don't have any spare beans to sponsor the project at the moment :-( Guess I'll be paying a higher price when the kits start getting manufactured.

  • I'm so tempted to push this one over the top.  They're at $44,625.  I can't really see needing more than 2 ATM, which would leave them $15 under their goal........

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