Folks around London

Hi all,

 was wondering if there were anyone around London, especially with flying skills :). Planning to run a workshop in London Hackerspace on UAV's in the next couple of months time...

If you are based around London and you happy to volunteer for workshop please drop me a note, either way would be great to meetup to compare notes....

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  • Adde another meet up to
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    I have signed up and may be able to make it if I am not working?

  • Very keen to meet up and share expertise ... Please do sort a meet up out... Cheers
  • In London, not flown my build yet due to the snow! Happy to take part in a hackerspace and share my knowledge and skills.

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    Anish, any updates on this scheme?

  • I am in London and have just started building my first quad with a view to finishing around summer. I would be interested in workshops/meet ups to discuss builds and even park meet ups to fly. 

  • Hi Anish

    I live in London and have been successfully flying my Parkzone Trojan T 28 with arduplane installed (obviously after a few teething problems!). Have even managed a few auto take offs a well ... still haven't got the landing nailed yet without human assistance though. Would like to attend a workshop just to see what other chaps have managed to do !



  • Hi Anish,

    I live in Crawley and would be happy to volunteer for helping/showing my drone in your workshop.

    If you still need more people for this then reply and we can take it from there.



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