Won't go below default altitude when trying autoland

Hi, I'm having trouble getting my plane (APM2.0) to autoland.  It seems that for a given waypoint course (T3-2) it doesn't want to go below the default altitude.  I've attached my WP file and a log files here.  Any suggestions?

2012-09-09- Auto T-O Land Waypoint File for T3-2 - modified to try to get it to land.param

2012-09-13 08-08 25.kmz

2012-09-13 08-08 25.log

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  • I'm having a bit of trouble with autoland too .... but just that the accuracy leaves a lot to be desired (APM2.0) so I really need to steer it in via rudder and even then it's a pretty heavy landing. Any autolanding experts out there willing to share some tips on plane landings ??

  • Also added my plane's parameter file here...

    FYI it's a Parkzone Radian glider

    2012-09-07- Radian UAV parameters for autoland.param

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