Waypoints and Failsave?

Hi would like to know does the APM2 know when it does not receive radio input if you have not set the Failsave on radio.

What i would like to know say you have set waypoints but radio lost signal will apm2 fly to preprogram waypoints even if it does not receive any radio input?

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  • for "failsafe" please be aware of current caa legislation : 

    Chapter 5 Safety Considerations

    1 Any Model Aircraft Flying
    Choose an unobstructed site and at all times keep a safe distance from:
    Only Fly
    • In suitable weather.
    • With regard for any other conditions such as local bye-laws.
    • With due consideration for other people and property.
    • With the model in direct unaided visual line of sight at all times.
    • If reasonably satisfied that the flight can be made safely.
    Any powered model aircraft fitted with a receiver capable of operating in failsafe
    mode should have the failsafe set, as a minimum, to reduce the engine(s) speed
    to idle on loss or corruption of signal.

    This is straight from the horses mouth : http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP658.PDF (admittedly the UK version) so just be aware that even if it isn't the best thing to do, you will be in legislative breach if you don't abide by this.

    Saying that, at the beginning it says "this doesn't apply to UAVs" and a few pages later is says "this has been reworded to include UAVs".

    I am not a lawyer ... so make of it what you will..

  • Developer

    failsafe on arduplane is programaable. on ac it is not, please read the wiki

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