Looking at getting a Matrice 600 Pro. I need to fly two sensors at once. One will have its own GPS/IMU so no need to integrate with UAV there. But I have a FLIR that works directly with Pixhawk. My question is, can I mount a pixhawk to the Matrice and set it up just for camera triggering? Will the pixhawk trigger without being the unit flying the bird?


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  • Thanks Paul that is encouraging. 

    I will stick with the pixhawk rather than defer to the A3 as the intention is get dgps precision for camera positioning (without paying the ridiculous DJI prices). I am also looking at using a DrotagX as I am told that will shortly support hotshoe trigger timing and handle geotagging on my A6000 in the air. Will be great if it all works (but GPS alignment will need to be sufficiently tight)!


  • I did some testing with just a pixhawk and a FLIR camera. I can tell you the pixhawk will trigger a camera without flying the UAV. I just hooked up the camera, set the waypoints and walked to them and it triggered. Part of what I worried about, too, was if the GPS of the pixhawk and M600 didn't line up meaning camera wouldn't trigger. 

    I also know now that the FLIR can be hooked up directly to the A3 controller and software people have made for flight planning has gotten rid of the need of a pixhawk. DJI limits waypoints to 99 but DJI Flight Planner will allow for triggering by distance, so first and last waypoint will start/stop camera triggering.

  • I would like to know the answer to this also. I am forced in to buying a M600 but I will not pay DJI prices for L1 dgps.!  I would like to mount a pixhawk with emlid reach and then trigger a camera from the pixhawk (with hotshoe shutter timing). I suspect this will work BUT what if the gps flight plan of the DJI never crosses the camera trigger points measured by the dgps?  As the whole purpose of getting dgps is to improve camera positioning I am wondering whether it will be wasted effort. Has anyone tried this with any DJI product?


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