I usually fly survey missions using Tower on a Nexus 7 tablet but I always have to change the altitude and sidelap settings to get the flight that I want. Is there a way to make a custom camera profile and add it to the drop down menu in Tower?

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Hi Greg,

Did you ever find an answer to your question? I have a Nexus 10 tablet.


You sure can. MAPIR has a page detailing how to do it for their camera line.

HERE is the link.

Yes, thanks, it was the part about "create a new folder" that was a problem. When I searched the Nexus documentation, that kind of folder activity was not mentioned. To-date I was using the tablet lightly. Then I discovered that installing ES File Explorer or Astro would do the job!  

Not sure about the current accuracy of comments on this post, or this post, but there may be some useful info.

Thanks again!

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