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amatuer machinist

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looking to build a UAV for biological surveillance and research



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Greg commented on matt.koestner's blog post 3DR Pixhawk- powered DJI S1000
"Finally got my S1000+ set up with Pixhawk.  AC3.3, autotuned."
Oct 26, 2016
Greg posted a discussion
So my custom built hexacopter crashed during an autopilot flight. This was after two successful autopilot missions on the same day. Everything seemed to be working fine. I am running a pixhawk with 3.3? firmware I think (I updated it about 2 weeks…
Oct 30, 2015
Greg replied to Greg's discussion Dual GPS question
"Thanks for the advice.  I've got it working."
Oct 15, 2015
Greg posted a discussion
I am running the Auto Analysis of my DataFlash logs in Mission Planner. I keep failing the PM Test. The line reads something like "Test: PM = FAIL - 18 slow loop lines found, max 10.4% on line 20084". Can someone tell me what the PM test is…
May 14, 2015
Greg replied to Harry's discussion Pixhawk use of AUX pin (55) to switch navigation light
"Did this setup work for you?  I've been struggling to get a PWM signal from CH8 to RC9."
May 8, 2015
Greg posted a discussion
I have a PWM switch hooked up to AUXOUT 1. It is activated like a camera servo from CH8. But because of the CAM_DURATION parameter, I can only keep the PWM switch on for a maximum of 5 seconds. Is there a way to keep the PWM signal high with the…
May 7, 2015
Greg posted discussions
Apr 29, 2015
Greg commented on Hamish Willee's blog post Ardupilot.com wiki gets mobile and documentation friendly skin
"So much easier to use on mobile devices than the old site!  Well done."
Feb 4, 2015
Greg commented on Charles Blouin's blog post Motor and propeller test jig.
"I agree.  Build yours for small motors as they are more common. I'd be more than happy to make my own for larger setups if you provide code and build specs."
Jan 17, 2015
Greg commented on Charles Blouin's blog post Motor and propeller test jig.
"I'd buy one on Kickstarter. Just make sure it can handle big motors and props (think U10, 30" props)."
Jan 15, 2015
Greg replied to Greg's discussion Pixhawk total power failure in flight
"And just so I understand, the zener is connected alone, across the pos and neg output pins.  It is not connected directly to the BEC."
Jan 8, 2015
Greg replied to Greg's discussion Pixhawk total power failure in flight
"My power supply for the power module plug is going through an Attopilot 180 pulling the 5v source from a different ESC.  Should I run a zener through that power supply as well?"
Jan 8, 2015
Greg posted a discussion
I was flying my custom hexacopter with Pixhawk running Arducopter 3.2. This was my first flight after a previous crash took out a few speed controllers (I made repairs, updated firmware, and ran through the initial setup again). At first the hex…
Jan 8, 2015
Greg commented on Hugues's blog post How-to guide: Pixhawk with 6S batteries (> 4S)
"Thomas, you are running 6S batteries and you are worried about the weight of the attopilot?  It is only a few grams and the piece of mind I get from the voltage and current monitoring, as well as the logs of that data is well worth the few seconds…"
Nov 5, 2014
Greg replied to Greg's discussion Low board voltage issue
"Anyone?  Based on some reading on the forum it seems like maybe the board voltage is correct and only the stated values are off?"
Sep 23, 2014
Greg replied to Nico D's discussion Pixhawk wierd glitch
"My custom hex did that not long ago.  Best I can tell, a bad XT60 connector was creating voltage spikes that caused the pixhawk to reset."
Sep 23, 2014