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We've just updated the wikis with a brand new skin! We think you will find it easer to read, navigate, and contribute to.


Some of its benefits include:

  • Faster to the content: The top banner is thinner so you can get to the content much faster. More of the article is visible before you need to scroll.
  • A pleasure to read: The new theme is based on the wordpress twentyfourteen theme, and gains from its attractive fonts and excellent visual design.
  • Mobile friendly: The theme changes layout for mobile devices, pushing the menus below the content. You can test this by shrinking the width of your desktop browser.


  • Easier to contribute: Contributors can now concentrate on writing because almost all the "boilerplate" in the old theme is now part of the skin.

Of course no matter how pretty the theme is, the most important thing is the content! We're working hard to improve that too. If you have expertise that you'd like to share, then please email me to get access to the wiki ( hamish at 3DRobotics dot com ).

The skin will continue to evolve with better support for organising and managing the content. Let me know what you think of our efforts so far, and feel free to share your suggestions for improvement on the forums.

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  • Wiki Ninja

    You're most welcome!

  • So much easier to use on mobile devices than the old site!  Well done.

  • Wiki Ninja

    @Craig, yes, it seems mad!


    I agree - and I have an outstanding issue to address versioning here:

    Unfortunately we can't really show "meaningful" last-edit dates because I'm touching most of the articles for editorial purposes. In a "real" wiki like MediaWiki I could mark these as minor edits and display last significant edit date as you have suggested, but this feature isn't present in Wordpress.

    My current plan is to use Wordpress tags (or a separate taxonomy) to mark specific versions that articles are known to apply to. Of course you won't know if an article with an old tag is relevant, but at least you will know that the versions that it was known to be relevant for.

    You really need to show on every page, when it was edited and for what versions of Ardu* it is applicable.

  • Developer

    Unbelievably despite deleting the wiki pages in the old site people are still asking support questions there even today

  • You really need to show on every page, when it was edited and for what versions of Ardu* it is applicable.

    Its very frustrating for users to be reading an old page that is wrong and they have no way of knowing this. At the very least a date would help them know how old it is they might know its out of date and try other things.

  • Quite "fresh" :-).

    And the new WIKI seems really handsome.

  • Wiki Ninja

    I made the snapshot yesterday, before I killed that wiki. 

    FYI we needed to kill the old wiki as we were getting lots of support questions for current platforms based on that incorrect legacy information. 

  • @Hamish - thanks a loooot. ;-).I thought about to take a snapshot too but still put it off until the wiki is removed.

    Anyway can you remember whend did you make a snapshot?

  • Wiki Ninja

    PS If you would prefer the plain text files, I could upload those too. Personally though, I find the snapshot linked above much more useful!

  • Wiki Ninja
    Glad you all like it!

    Palo, I took a website snapshot before the deletion, which you can download from my drop-box here: (NOTE: This won't be there forever, so download now while you can! )
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