Hi,I have a question to the FrSKY X8R receiver.Is it possible to use the conventional 8 PWM channels on the X8R and use at the same time the "FrSKY SBUS to PWM Decoder" to get 4 extra PWM channels, in all 12 PWM channels ?Also would I need the "FrSKY Servo Channel Changer" to set up the 4 extra channels ?I'm planning to use the FrSKY Taranis X9D 16ch radio.I know it's possible to combine two X8R receiver to get 16ch, but in my case there isn't enough space to accommodate two receivers.Does anyone tried this before ?

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  • Excellent it works!, I have 8 channels via SBus to my pixhawk and 8 more channels via analogue output for controlling my 2 gimbals(1x 2 axis FPV and 1x standard 3 axis) with spare channels todo other things!

    Mode 4 on page 2 of the manual works!

    Many Thanks!

  • Hello, I am not sure if I am following this correctly as some of the posts are confusing.. please validate....

    If I have one Receiver (x8r) with SBUS-to-CPPM Converter with APM Inputs Jumpered between pins 2&3 and Output of the SBUS-to-CPPM Converter to the Pin 1 on the APM Inputs section with (-/+/S). Then effectively I have CPPM from X8R to one input on APM.  

    Getting the other 8 Channels is done by adding an additional X8R to the mix to pick up the other 8 channels to your device Quad/Hexa/etc (not APM).

    Just to clarify, not that I am going to get 16 Channel input to APM on the 1 port being used on the APM.


    Are you saying that you enabled the Analog ports on the single X8R Receiver as well so that you don't need a secondary X8R to get the other 8 Channels?

    I think that is the possibilities.. could someone clarify one of them please.


    • X8R is 16 channel receiver. But it has 8 pins (outputs only). Using configuration steps provided in the X8R 8 manual you can select, whether on the 8 pins you going to have Ch1 through 8, or Ch9 through 16.

      Simultaneously you can have SBUS-to-CPPM converter connected to SBUS port which will output all 16 channels on the CPPM end of the converter.

      Now, for APM specific setup, as you mentioned,  connect the SBUS-to-CPPM converter to APM on pin 1 and short pins 2&3. This way your APM will get all 16 channels from X8R (but APM will only use ch 1 to 8 which is max for APM. APM will ignore ch9 to 16).

      Then you configure X8R to output Ch 9 to 16 on the X8R pins (Mode 4), and you can connect any other devices you want directly to X8R pins.

      X8R manual

      • Small correction - you will need to set Taranis Tx / X8R to channel range 1 to 16 (not 9 to 16), to get first 8 channels through SBUS to CPPM converter to APM AND 9 to 16 as PWM Rx outputs. At least that's the only way I can get all 16 channels working. Also latest FrSky converter I just received has 21ms or 28ms (switchable by jumper) frame rate(s), so presumably we should have no more blanking frame problems when outputting 8 CPPM channels?

        I'm no expert, but I think the above all makes sense. Hopefully an expert will confirm or put me right !

        • Must you also configure the Taranis to Pxx mode to send all 16 channels out the PPM output?

          I ask because I have a 9x running latest version of openTx, and the firmware does not have Pxx mode.  As I understand openTx does not have the ability to send 16 channels through PPM, only 8 channels PPM, and 8 channel through trainer port.


          Can anyone confirm?

          • You cannot send more than 8 channels out on a PPM port, this is due to the timing requirements.  If you need to send more than 8 out one port you should look into using sbus.

      • Many thanks for sharing Brano, this make total sense now and I am very excited to have such a device to use. I was successful in setting up my Mini APM from HK and the FrSky CPPM Converter.  One question, do you se 27ms when doing 8ch or the 22ms? On the old DR8P I flashed it to use 27ms.


        • I don't have the jumper on. ...not sure what timing that is.

  • I'm getting all 16 channels from X8R with the SBUS to PWM converter.

    I have APM connected via the SBUS to PWM converter. Then I've configured X8R to output CH9-16 on the analog pins where I have my gimbal and LEDs connected.


  • Yes you can get 4 more channels out with the SBUS to PWM Decoder

    Yes you need the servo channel changer to program which of the 16 channels the decoder puts out on its 4 outputs.

    You should only ever need one servo channel changer as you unhook it after you program.

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