can i measure esc signal cable?

One of my esc's isnt working. I used a multimeter on the cables going to the motor and no luck. The other 3 esc's has measurable power when turning up the throttle.

Its the signal cable that tells the esc to give power out through the 3 phases?

How can I measure on the signal cable that it gets a signal? is it a small amount of amper or volt?

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  • You would need an oscilloscope to see the pwm signals. Generally speaking, a digital multimeter won't display the individual pulses. Some people like the old needle style of meter because of the supposed ability to interpret needle behavior.

    Simple diagnosis would be to swap channels on your Rx. If your ESC still doesn't work, try a different motor.

    It may be toast. On the bright side, better now than in the air.

  • The signal cable only takes a signal, plug your RX into it.

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