Hi all,

I have built a arducopter a few years ago end 2012, but I encountered some problems and left it there (and also for other personal reasons) till now.

It was with the APM 2.0 board. Now I'm trying to catch up and I've seen that, apart from APM 2.5 e 2.6, there are also other boards around, like Pixhawk and PX4.

So, first question was: can I still run arducopter 3.1 (and 3.2 when it will be available) on my APM board 2.0?

Second question is: how are the 3 boards different (in term of functionalities)?

Actually one bonus question: is the APM Planner that runs on Mac usable as only planner, or would I still need a Win box (or VM in Mac) to run the normal mission planner?

Thank you


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  • 3.1.5 works well for me with no problems.


    • Thank you

      • You may want to upgrade the GPS if you haven't already.  That was the largest performance upgrade I did to my APM 2.0 board - disabling the on board Mediatek GPS and using the external ublox unit.  Huge performance difference for loiter on my copter.

        I never had issues with the onboard compass for my configuration.

        • I think I have a separate compass but not a separate GPS. I'll look into this.

          I remember the problem I had was the copter heavily drifting to one side even indoors instead of raising straight... I guess probably a calibration problem or a unbalanced frame.

  • T3
    First, I believe you can run 3.1. Only way to know for sure is try an load it.
    Second, PX4 and PIXHAWK are similar. PixHawk is the most advance board with more processor power and ram and loads of io. PX4 was an intern board. The APM 2.6 is a slightly more advanced then the APM 2 with and external compass and GPS.
    Third, the Mac Planner is almost in par with the windows Mission Planner.
    • thank you.

      I guess I can still try restarting the thing with the old hw I had, and then see if makes sense to move to a newer platform

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