I need a way to control my gimbal tilt. I am using a dx6i for flying my copter and all 6 channels are used. Don't want now for another multi channels upgrade

Wondering if I can use a "Car Radio TX/RX" to control tilt and eventually shoot or yaw.

This TX would be used by a second person or even pilot person.

Car Radio below is $15 and contains both emitter and receiver.

Any pros or cons about this?

Another idea was to use DroidPlanner to control camera gimbal, (like using joystick on Mission Planner with spared APM channels), but this feature is not yet implemented on DroidPlanner.


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  • What are you using the 5th and 6th channels for?
    I also have a DX6i, and I am using channel 5 for all the flight modes (with mixes configured to use 3 switches for 5 modes, all on 1 channel), then I use channel 6 for the gimbal, having set the flap range to give the desired camera angles.

    • Thanks for reply Alan.

      I am using Channel 5 AND 6 mixed for 5 flight modes (with 3 switches). I did find this option somewhere on this forum some time ago and was OK for a while.

      I was not aware how can you use just one single channel (with 3 switches) for 5 modes, this is really cool.

      Could you please share your configuration, I am really interested. Channel 6 would give you just 2 gimbal positions, correct?

      • I was able to reconfigure this on dx6i and you did suggest and works on tx monitor, hope will work on quad also.

        My old setup was using Flaps as one of 5 modes (and not using AIL D/R).

        Then I did change to leave Flaps as Channel 6 and use AIL D/R for those 5 modes. Looks on dx6i monitor I can have all my combinations.

        I really appreciate your reply, I was sure I am stuck with that old setup. 

        Just please confirm you are using Flaps for gimbal 2 predefined positions only, correct?

        One more question: my Tarot gimbal has also an option to disable completely gimbal stabilize mode (like fix camera). Now I am wondering if is any way to use this feature also.  Not very critical, but nice to have.

        • I checked my radio config:


          Mix 1:

          Gear > Gear Act

          Rate D - 75% U+121%

          SW MIX TRIM INH

          Mix 2:

          Gear > Gear Act

          Rate D - 50% U 0%

          SW AIL  D/R TRIM INH

          In Mission Planner:

          Mode 1: Stabilize

          Mode 2: Loiter

          Mode 3: RTL

          Mode 4: Drift

          Mode 5: Alt Hold

          Mode 6: Auto

          I had to label the switches on the transmitter as I couldn't remember which is which.

          I'm then using the flap switch to control the gimbal on channel 6.

          • Hi Alan, regarding connection of gimbal to channel 6 (flaps). Do you connect gimbal direct to channel 6 from receiver, or are you using connection through APM channel 6 (and then configure it with Mission Planner)?

            I believe both ways should work, but not sure which one is better. Regards.

            • I couldn't get it to work properly via the APM, the camera would shake constantly, so mine is connected directly to the receiver.

              If anyone knows a solution to this, let me know!


              • When I connect gimbal directly to receiver, the flaps button seems to work OK, camera tilt going up or down, but it looks I can not define the limits to stop movement. Gimbal continues to tilt up or down until I switch the Flaps button in reverse position. 

                Do I need to do some adjustment on the gimbal setup? When I connect gimbal, it is leveling perfect. 

                Could you please share your flaps parameter used for gimbal?

                • You can set the range limit either in the DX6i menu, or in the gimbal settings.

                  Mine is set on the transmitter:


                  NORM ^12 ELEV 0

                  LAND ^60 ELEV 0

                  See if that works for you.

                  • OK, I was able to make my Tarot gimbal running

                    The default was "Stick Rate Mode", instead of "Stick Position Mode". After flashing the Tarot with Position Mode, flaps switch works fine.

                    I will try now to connect gimbal with APM, since I am using Auto missions and I can program tilt by scripts

          • Great. Thannks for your setup

This reply was deleted.


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