I'm impressed now with the X8+ capabilities and have successfully snet it out mapping w/ CanonSX260HS. Now I'm musing about getting a gimbal and the new G7 for 4K video. I already have "other Chinese" ACs, but am really intrigued by the possibility of this new combo.

Hurdles will include:

Adapting the Tarot gimbal to accept the G7 (weight should not be an issue here)

Figuring out how to connect the camera for video control and live streaming back to GS.

Anybody else interested or have input? J.

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Hey J. Baldwin, I know this is very late, but the g7 has dropped in price and has got me interested in using it in a drone. I am relatively new to drones, but am willing to do some research to figure this out. I've been trying to answer the same questions, without much luck. It would be great if you could fill me in a littlethat would be great(that being said if you've made any progress in the last 2 years, lol)

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