I just uptated Mission Planner, and I cant connect to ardupilot.


can not establish a connection

value of 2500 is not valid for "value". "Value" should be between "minimum" nad "Maximum".

Parameter name: Value

I was testing and put the trim_aspd_cm value in centimeter. I know 2500 should be 25, but I cant connect to change it. 

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i cant get it to error. can you post a screenshot? where is it failing?

Did you get it to work ..I have the same issue but can't seem to resolve it

I resolved it, but I quite dont exatly remember how. 

I think I installed earlier verion of MP on another computer...and even that did not work. 

Maybe I messed something with Ardunio code. Or got an update for MP. 

Sorry, It was too much messing to remember :)

Then I changed the vale to 25.

But now my value is again 2500. Cause in some wierd reasons MP says me to put the speed in cm/s. No error now.


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