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Student interested in commercial use of drones

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Mr N. posted a discussion
Hello there. First of alI, I apologize for my poor written English skills. Over the past couple of days I 've been trying to get my mind around this interesting project I accidentally came across while researching gas/electric powered multirotor…
Mar 19, 2016
Mr N. commented on Mr N.'s blog post Serbia Floods
"Thank you Morli"
Jun 18, 2014
Mr N. posted a blog post
Kolubara from Airworx on Vimeo.Hello thereMy name is Nikola Lukicic. I am writing to you from Serbia. Just wanted to share a video I made with my discovery pro about 3 weeks ago in order to raise awareness about the tragedy that overwhelmed my…
Jun 18, 2014
Mr N. commented on Randall Kolchins's blog post Low Cost Thermal Pan Tilt Zoom (FLIR PTZ) Gimbal WISH LIST
"Randall thank you for writing to the community with a clear intention to contribute to the diy community.
I have a suggestion that might benefit those who are seeking stabilized hd 1080p 50p video capabilities on a pan/tilt gimbals.This might be a…"
Dec 15, 2012
Mr N. replied to Mell's discussion Can not connect to ardupilot
"Did you get it to work ..I have the same issue but can't seem to resolve it"
Dec 4, 2012
Mr N. commented on George's blog post A year of research - From absolute noob to my first aerial video.
"Hello Geroge

Great story...I too have a similar story to tell. Now I have a successful AP business using the same oktoxl you have with AV200 360 camera mount. 
I have some suggestions as to what you need to do to get rid of vibrations on your okto.…"
Jul 9, 2012
Mr N. posted a discussion
First post here on this forum. I'm writing to you from Serbia.  I have an opportunity to  enroll in project funding here in Serbia for innovative projects. I wanted to introduce agricultural and search and rescue UAV's in Serbia mainly for improving…
Feb 23, 2011
Mr N. commented on Ross Badcock-Walters's blog post What to do with 2 weeks in Canada and a UAV Budget
"@ Ross
I am interested in purchasing similar kind of system you were looking for...for agricultural and search and rescue operations in Serbia mainly for improving agriculture and introducing some useful aspects of UAV technology to Civil defense…"
Feb 23, 2011