Can not receive data on console window


I am implementing ardupilot source code on PX4 board, and follow this article to get information from sensor and display on console window:

But recently, I can not run these example sketch, and get info from hal.console() command also

This way can do very well in previous version of Ardupilot (Eg Copter 3.2.1), I do not know what happened and is there another way for debug ardupilot?

Does anyone who know about this problem?

Please provide me to get data and display on terminal window




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  • Hello! This is a stupid question but can i ask how you were able to build the example codes? like for example, I want to build the INS_generic code in the examples folder in the libraries... do i have to use px4 toolchain, eclipse, or some other kind of software? I'm using pixhawk btw... THANKS!

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