I have a Pixhack flight controller, and I am used to changing the ends of cables so that accessories designed to work on the Pixhawk, can plug into my Pixhack instead.

I am seeking clarification on one port in particular. This is the CAN port of the Pixhawk, and where the equivalent pins would be on the Pixhack.

I am trying to connect the Zubax GNSS 2 module because I want to take advantage of having an external barometer.

Here are the pin out on the Pixhack:

3691302644?profile=originalThe CAN port on the Pixhawk is as follows:

Pin 1 = VCC +5V

Pin 2 = CAN_H +12V

Pin 3 = CAN_L +12V

Pin 4 = GND

As you can see in the picture above, there are no pins labelled CAN_H or CAN_L on the Pixhack. There are however, CAN_T and CAN_R. Are these the equivalent? If so, which is which?

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  • Hi Chuck,

    Unfortunately, Pixhack doesn't have a CAN bus interface. It offers only a CAN transceiver interface, which requires some external circuitry. I'd suggest to go with Pixhawk or something alike.


    • Thank you Pavel.

      I have ordered a Pixhawk which should arrive early next week. I will give it a go as soon as it arrives.

    • can transceivers are pretty cheap little boards though on eBay if you are handy with these things...
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