Can someone recommend a hexacopter frame and build instructions


I built a basic quadcopter for my first project (following instructions from this instructables page ->   and now I would like to build a hexacopter for my second build, one that is large enough to carry a camera which I can use to take photos and receive live video at a ground station.

I built the frame of my quadcopter myself as per the instructions, but I think i would like to buy a frame for the hexacopter.  Can anyone recommend a frame and also instructions for setting up video telemetry, ideally something that is very easy to follow.  I am not a total beginner anymore but still very early in my drone building career.

I would also like to try building my own frames as well.  The quad copter frame was VERY basic, i.e. a cross made out of wood.  Does anyone know a resource for teaching you how to design and create frames from better materials, and how to build them more precisely.



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Hi Al,

You can purchase an F550 hexacopter kit through Kashmir World Foundation. This is a good quality kit that comes with rather detailed instructions. It is intended as a research aircraft for deep learning applied to camera and other data sets. To complete the build you will need some 3d printed fixtures. Depending on your current level of understanding and your longer term objectives, this might be a good choice. If you just want to build a hex and attach a camera, a Tarot frame such as a 690 might be a better option.



Indeed the Tarot FY690S is an excellent frame ( It sets up nicely at 4S or 6S. You can purchase 3508 motors and ESCs from Kashmir World Foundation that are optimized for a light build with this frame or go with something like Sunnysky V4014 320V High Efficiency Motor for a heavy build. I always use ecalc ( to confirm component selection with multicopters.

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