Ok, I read through the wiki a dozen times.  I can't my ground and air radios to connect.  Is it necessary to connect the air radio to my laptop with a serial to TTL cable and save the settings to that radio before it can connect to the ground radio?

SOLVED- see my post on page 4.

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No, the radios should connect right of the box, unless you've changed the settings on the ground one (ID, etc) but not the other.

Are you saying that they won't connect at all (when you load settings from one in the MP, it doesn't show the settings from the other, too), or just won't connect via MAVLink?

Needless to say, they won't connect if you're powering APM2 via the USB. 

I'm powering the APM2 via a flight battery/ESC. Here's a screenshot right after I load the settings and copy to remote.  Flashing green light on the ground radio and flashing red and green on the air radio.  I have manually entered the data to the remote and still no connection


You should be able to see the remote one's firmware version, as show here (I've changed my ID to 99, so ignore that). 

Are you sure you're powering the air one correctly?

Well, I believe the air radio is properly powered (flashing green and red LED's).  The APM2 powers on fine and works (I have run several missions so I know the APM2 is working).  The cables are correctly connected (from what I read on the wiki).

And you're sure the air one is a 915Mhz module, too? If you have a FTDI cable, you can check all the settings on the air one and make sure that it's working.

Here's a screenshot of my order.  I don't have an FTDI cable.  I'll have to get one.


Look in you hardware settings for the com port of the ground unit.  And drop the baud rate to 57600 from 115k when both units have a green light then click connect

Everything checks out on the computer side (COM ports and baud rates).

Similar problem.  APM1, 915MHz radios.  When I do Ctrl-A, I can only get info from the ground unit.  The air unit won't connect.

The strange thing is the green LED on the ground unit is blinking, indicating it's looking for a radio.  But the air unit is solid green, saying it's connected to something???  But then every once in a while, it switches over to solid red for a few seconds, then back to solid green.  Also, when it's solid green, the red LED blips quick about once per second.

The 3DR Radio interface is now built into the main MP Configuration tab. Can you try that? 

If that doesn't work, connect the air unit to your USB using a FTDI cable, and check the configuration settings with the MP. Are the same as your ground unit? (ID#, baud, etc)

Plot thickens... I just remembered that I just received a DFRobot FTDI board, so I connected that to the air radio. I tried to use the 3DR Radio application, but it won't connect to it either.  It still has a solid green light.

So I went into the Terminal window, and I see this:

I tried the firmware update, and that doesn't work either.

Ok, same thing:

"Failed to enter command mode".

I don't know if I'm using this FTDI board properly, first time I've used it.  I plugged it in, Windows installed a driver, I plugged the radio in, and this is the result.

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